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Dr Alok Chandra is Award winner Global Business Management Coach & Mentor . Expert in Cost saving , Growth and new business development & Employees training  and    Customer   Experience enhancement




Hire a Strategy Consultant to frame Unbeatable Business Strategies

When you are into business, your strategies need to be precise and accurate. Proper strategizing is what makes your business succeed and it is the same thing that dips it. In this technology-oriented world, you got to have the best strategies upfront to sustain. Not every entrepreneur gets the right ideas and knows how to execute them properly. One mistake can cost huge in a business which is why hiring a Business Strategy Consultant is a safe option. Dr. Alok Chandra, one of the best in the business provides authentic consulting services at affordable prices.
Here is how he can help you out-:

1. Unbiased Approach

An International Business Consultant like Dr. Alok will have an unbiased approach towards you. He already knows that he will neither get anything out of your profit nor will he be liable for your loss. He is just there to guide you through the ups and downs of your business which is why he would never try to take undue advantage of your business. This approach will help you gain more success because your business coach is being paid to help you grow.

2. Lay Down Plans that Work

Top Business Consultants like Dr. Alok frame the strategies that work for good.They have years of experience in the business field which means that they will surely not make any fundamental mistake. They frame the plan after weighing all the alternatives and calculating all the risks involved in the process. They also emphasize on previous plans and market trends which play a huge factor in turning a plan into success or failure. After grabbing all the relevant information, they derive the conclusions and work towards it.

3. You will learn more about your own Business

By hiring a Business Growth Consultant you will learn a lot about your own business. It sounds a bit odd but, it is true. Just because you are running a business, does not mean that you have unfolded all the aspects of it. Your approach might be confined to linear thinking whereas a consultant would focus more on the practical approach. Thinking of a business consultant differs from yours in many ways because you are not involved in problem-solving on days end. This will help you monitor your mistakes and learn new things.

4. You will form better Networks

As your Business Management Consultant moves further forward with your business you will encounter new people. Some of them would end up being your business buddies while others would try to compete with you. You will learn either way. Your business coach will help you connect to relevant people who will give your business a boost in the long run. With the expansion in the network, you can expand your business in new zones and territories and feel more confident than ever.
Do not try to fix your damaged business all by yourself. There are business coaches for that.
Give Dr. Alok Chandra a chance to handle your business operations and you will surely see the difference in the long run.


Dr. Alok Chandra is founder chairman of CK international business solutions private limited  With a career spanning 30 years, Dr Alok Chandra  has extensive experience across a wide gamut of industries and leadership roles. He has been on deputation for international assignments in Europe, Gulf and Australia. He has been associated  with reputed MNCs and  earned distinctions as a project management expert and has moderated billion-dollar deals for multinational companies. His key strength lies in the areas of Operations project management, procurement and contracts, Customer Experience ,Supply chain Management, Procurement, Distributions, Logistics, E-Commerce and Foreign Trade in different  terrain & geographies’. He has contributed significantly towards cost saving measures for many of the MNCs he worked for, wherein he employed innovative methods to increase operational efficiency and improve organizational productivity.

He is a Doctorate from Lucknow University in International Trade and an alumnus from IIM Bangalore and NITIE, Mumbai  ,Certified Purchase and Supply Chain Manager & Global Digital Chain Professional and Certified Block Chain Expert, also a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. He is Wing Commander , an Air force Supply chain veteran,  and taken a Premature retirement. He is also a Kargil War veteran and has been awarded Medals by Government of India for establishing supply line in virgin and untouched topographies for Air Operations.

He has been instrumental in establishing Supply Line for Long term contract of Russian major Aviation Company in India and Logistics arrangements of two International Aero Shows where 216 international Aviation companies participated.

He had been involved with conceptualization, execution & operationalization of 11 Fulfilment centres, an express division of e-commerce companies in India and Myanmar  Bangkok and consultant of various 3 PL companies.


Everything Dr Alok Chandra suggested made sense and at times it was like he understood the business better than I did.”

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